Important update, Discord server compromised @23:42 UTC 14/08/2021.

We have already reported the attack and are working through it, thankyou for your paitence.

Latest Project Update: Soft Launch Feb 6 2021

The Deepthroat Trainer

Introducing our First Toy, The Deepthroat Trainer!

The nearest thing to a Whole Stallion down your throat!

Put Simply, The Deepthroat Trainer Gag is a Horsecock Gag roughly 8 inches in length, with a sturdy air tube running through its center to facilitate breathing.

With this toy, you can feel the delightful sensation of your favourite cock deep in your throat for long periods of time, without needing to worry about that Pesky Oxygen Deprivation! 

Hand made from high-grade silicone each one of these big boys can come in a variety of colours, we can even entertain custom colours if time permits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have the airtube you mentioned? is it possible to breathe with it in?


Yes! Thats one of the Unique features of the Deepthroat gag, is its hollow center which allows you to breathe with it in, even all the way to the hilt!

How hard is it to breathe through this gag?


Reasonably easy. It’s not a Laborious task to breathe with it in if it was you wouldn’t be able to focus on how good it feels~

What are the circumference and diameter (highest and average) of the test design?


From tip to base, gags are just under 6 inches long and are about 2 inches wide.

Hey, just curious about your materials and production techniques. […] I assume the toy is made of silicone[…]


The items are cast in silicone molds, sprayed with mold releaser, then made out of silicone. The items are then cleaned thoroughly, placed into the gag portion, then cleaned again.

Will these be able to be shipped overseas, or will these for the time being be purely shipped in… judging solely by the dollar price point, I’m gonna guess America?


There is an International Shipping option!

Will it be safe to sleep while wearing the deepthroat trainer?


No, Sorry.
We strictly advise against the use of the gag for any amount of time longer than 10 or 15 minutes without at least a 5 minute water and air break.

What is the firmness of the gag; soft, medium, firm?


Soft enough?
Shore Hardness is roughly A10, if that helps
How long are the straps that go around the head on the gag?

Any advice for us people with strong gag-reflexes? Even with the oral spray, I can still barely get half of it down.


Sky Cream replying! Before the gag came about, I’d been used to sucking horsecock for a while, years even! Deepthroating is just something you learn slowly. If you’re not very familiar or practiced with sucking cock to begin with, then going straight for the Deepthroat will likely be difficult. But the gags are called “Trainers”, if you can’t deepthroat them right away, its just as easy to practice sucking cock. With the added benefit of getting your throat used to it at whatever pace suits you, and having your own fun with it while you do.

Why in Luna’s name did you make this?

Salacious Allusion

The deepthroat Trainer was inspired by a wide variety of art, a few examples of which include the following for your enjoyment (artist links below);