Products The Deepthroat Trainer

Review and new art

By their very nature, fetishes can be a slippery slope to indulge in, especially for those equines with a particular oral fixation. After all, it can be a little hard to adjust to your partner’s size and shape when they’re constantly forced to withdraw thanks to certain air-passage blockages. Some ponies try to get around this by settling for the simplicity that is a ball or bit-gag, but if you’re an experienced fellatiologist then you know that such toys have left you gagging for more. Now you too can have the nearest thing to a fore-arm lodged down your throat, without dislocation or the usual choking hazards. The New K.R. Designs ‘Deepthroat Trainer’ gives anypony with more perversion than sense the opportunity to experience oral invasion all the way to the literal hilt of this silicone sword, and for longer than you may think is possible, or reasonable.

-Skyfall, 2017

Review by Skyfall (tumblr) (FA)
Art by MilkandJuice

P.S. ~ Look forward to some news on New Years!