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Work in Progress

We figured someone would be interested in this. We’ve decided to start showing step by step how the gags look during their production.

Here for the first image is the construction of the Base of the gag with its connected Strap.

Firstly, you’ll notice we wear Nylon Gloves during Production. Everyone wants that toy Clean and Untouched when they first get it!

The gag base is made of 2 Oval pieces of Faux Leather, and two small straps which are riveted through all 3 “layers” to hold it together, in addition to being stitched together around the edge.

The Strap is fed through these 2 small straps. It is also made of Faux leather with a soft almost felt-like material on its underside for comfort.

The Base and strap are then Connected via a Grommet which is also the Airhole, with the buckle for the Strap being about 6-7 inches offset so it sits just by the Ear.

Thats it for this WiP!
Keep your eyes open for when we post the next in a few days!