Prepare for launch

As you probably know, this site has been inactive for a long time. Most updates have been getting posted over on our Discord but for a quick rundown, let’s get you all up to date.

  • Our project lead, LeddMettle has managed to aquire a new secure space to work in
  • We have new templates for some new products, different sizes. Both in length and width.
  • We welcome a new Co-Sponsor, with Lina Pilchard

Here’s a couple of photos from our discord of the in-progress templates, we also have a great community of makers in our DIY channel talking about all sorta of kinky electronics project.

A quick update on the new design from Ledd

The new fabric of the bases will be a comfortably soft Vinyl, which is waterproofed and won’t absorb moisture or etc like the old materials, and it’ll be easier to clean

[Unfortunately] The old molds are either lost or damaged, I either need to make new ones or dig through a whole storage unit to find them.

But these generic phallic ones have been in the works for a long time, so it seemed better to finish them before taking the 50/50 chance on whether the horse molds can still be found

Plus going forward I also still intend to make a knotted gag, as well as one or two other shapes

Also with these generic shapes I have more size variety

I did get some comments on the old ones that they were either too big or too small for some people in various ways, so now I have five different lengths, and three different widths to fit as many people as possible

Thats all from Ledd, but I’ll leave you with one line.

Feb 2021…