Soft Launch? Soft Launch! Limited Orders OPEN!

What do you mean, Soft Launch?

Well, exactly that. For those that haven’t already joined our Discord (and why not?) Ledd has been posting some awesome progress updates recently with new moulds, new colour samples and new face coverings.

Updates? yes, Updates

New Gag Styles

We get that our Brony/Furry heritage might not be for everyone. But you still might want something to shove down your sub’s throat to keep them busy when you’re attending to other needs. As such we have created 3 new “plain” or “Simply Phallic” gags to allow a smoother throat stuffing with fewer bumps and ridges to cause gagging.

New Colours

Ledd has taken to mixing up some custom colours for our fans as well as a new Special Edition coloured pattern as picked by Co-Sponsor Lina

Additional Moulds

One of the things we got a little stuck with during the initial rollout was, we all have day jobs. So the more jobs we can batch process, the better.

Ledd has created duplicates of the popular moulds to ensure that we can cast more than just one gag before we need to work on our day jobs.

New Gag attachment method

Previously we used to use a “Flare” on the base to have the face-covering slip over to lock the gag in place.

As Ledd has changed the backing material now, we have the option of infusing the gag directly into the backing material.

As the silicone weaves its way through the fibres, we find it bonds considerably better than previous methods.

A Viking attempts to remove the gag from its backing.

So what does this all mean?

Well it means we can start taking orders again, sort of. As we are getting back into the swing of things the webstore needs to be rebuilt.

Cool, I just want to order one, what do I do?

Join our Discord and after reading #rules go to the #OrderUp channel and post “Order Up Please!” to reserve your place in the queue.