This page lists our currently available Flops.

If a gag doesn’t turn out quite as intended, for whatever reason, we set it aside as a Flop. Flops are then sold at a discount. Sometimes flops have deformities or bubbles, and sometimes they just came out the wrong color. They’re unpredictable like that.

Flops are generally 50% off of their Base cost. For those that don’t have flaws and are a result of miscoloring, they are 33% off.

Black flops are $30, and ones with special colors are only $3-$7 more depending on the color. I’ll be using my new Shipping methods for these so hopefully that won’t be a problem.

The moment you Purchase a flop, I’ll order the materials for your gag and have it within 3-5 days (usually) I’ll keep you appraised at all times, and it should be shipped with a tracking # within 7-10 days of purchase. Each flop will be posted with 1 Pic and its title. If you want to see more of it, Just ask! If the flop has been sold, we’ll remove it from the list.

What’s wrong with them? With most of them, Nothing. Sometimes a gag just doesn’t come out in the right color (we’re still learning colors) or some other minor deviation from what is intended. For the ones that do have Flaws, those flaws will be listed with their Posting. All Flops, while pictured without being a finished gag, will include the full strap and base that a normal gag comes with.

If you see anything you like, Head over to the Order Form page and pick one up!

Flop IDColourFlawPriceImages
F1WhiteNo Flaw, result of improper ColoringImage
F3BlackLooks rough, but still smooth
Sold to Meenahthefish
F4BlackTiny Bubbles on part of shaftImage
F6BlackTiny Bubbles on Shaft Image
F7WhiteSold to @amaya Image